Planning Development and Conservation

Whatever our clients development we are able to advise on the best approach to obtain the appropriate permission and whether a planning application is necessary. We aim to ensure that clients planning applications for development set out the proposals in a clear and effective manner using supporting statements to set out how the development takes account of the councils and national planning policies and guidance. We aim to minimise and overcome planning objections wherever possible and if necessary assist in the presentation of the proposal to the planning committee. We have a long and diverse experience of gaining planning consent for a diverse range of projects and have an extensive list of specialist and experts who are able to prepare supplementary specialist reports which maybe required. We offer a wide range of planning services which include:
  • Pre-deposit consultations with planning officer
  • Submission and monitoring planning application
  • Development advice and strategy
  • Objecting to a planning application
  • Resolving an enforcement notice
  • Historic Building Conservation consent applications